Zoning/Land Use

Attorneys at Johnson Rosati have served at the forefront of zoning and land use issues throughout the state of Michigan.   One of our attorneys is co-author of the books published by ICLE in this area of the law.  The law in this area continues to evolve. Johnson Rosati has the experience to address the problems faced by a developing community, or an older community facing redevelopment issues. Training of municipal boards, commissions, councils and employees is critical to ensure that they are aware of the legal requirements involved in considering matters and applications which are before them and the law that applies. We also provide services which include drafting ordinances and preparing complex agreements, such as Development Agreements, Special Assessment Agreements and Inter-Governmental Agreements, which are needed in the day-to-day operation of government.

This area of the law involves the complex task of balancing the rights of a property owner against the community’s goals for development, which often conflict. Litigation is often filed by property owners when land use requests are denied. Our attorneys provide a vigorous defense and keep the client apprised of the strengths and weakness of every case.