Employment and Labor

Johnson Rosati recognizes that lawsuits and labor disputes in the workplace have become commonplace.  Whether the issue involves a complex federal trial lasting many weeks or a simple grievance arbitration, the loss of productivity and disruption can have serious consequences for the employer.  That is one reason why Johnson Rosati takes a pro-active approach to our clients' employment needs.  We advise clients on drafting written policy manuals, avoiding procedures which may conflict with changes in existing law and training supervisors to promote  productive relationships in the workplace and to prevent misunderstandings between employees and employers.  We help our clients avoid problems in the increasingly  complex area of employment regulations and employee rights. These services allow employers to concentrate on their primary purpose and prevent time consuming disputes and litigation.

When an employer is faced with an employment related lawsuit, our attorneys  provide a vigorous defense while recognizing that some matters are most effectively resolved outside a courtroom with negotiation and mediation.  At all times, the client is kept advised on the progress of the case.